We are committed to being the "Supplier of Choice" through product and service excellence. Our emphasis is on being a responsible, innovative business partner providing value-added services to our customers and suppliers worldwide.

about us

Daisy Investments Ltd. is a trusted world leader with extensive international trade experience. With over 60 years of combined International Trade experience and utilizing the state-of-the-art management styles we are reliable, versatile and efficient.

Our business has extended worldwide to Eastern Europe, South America, Canada, U.S.A., Middle East, and China. We have developed strong business relationships with businesses within these regions and our products and services have flourished in their markets. Our business scope includes agricultural goods, foodstuff, textiles, garments, hardware and electromechanical products, commodities, arts and crafts, electronics, etc...

Daisy Investments Ltd is a well-established and a leading firm specialized in International Commerce and Enterprise Consultancy with an annual turnover of more than USD50,000,000.

Daisy Investments Ltd. was originally formed in Hong Kong; but in the late 1990 we strategically moved our Head Office to the Middle East in Amman, Jordan. We also maintain branch offices and representative offices in strategic key locations around the world located in Eastern Europe, North America and the Far East (China). We are in the process of expanding our service network to other strategic global locations.

At Daisy Investments Ltd., we take pride in building strong business relationships with our clients. Our clients have remained loyal to us throughout the years because of our comprehensive experience and commitment to providing excellent standard of service. We take pride in the high levels of service we are able to provide for each of our clients.

Our commitment extends beyond providing the best results for our clients. Our approach is client-focused and results-driven and we take pride in being able to help our clients respond to both challenges and opportunities and, ultimately, offering innovative solutions to help achieve a client's success.