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We can supply: Soya Beans, Red Kidney Bean, Baishake Kidney Bean, White Kidney Bean, Light Speckled Kidney Bean long shape, Light Speckled Kidney Bean ellipse shape, Light Speckled Kidney Bean round shape, Japanese Type
160-180grains/100g,180-200grains/100g, 200-220grains/100g, 220-240grains/100g, 300-330grains/100g
We supply High Quality in HPS (hand picked) or Machine Selected
Packing: 10kgs, 25kgs, 50kg/PP bag


White Pea Beans
Caliber: 600-680 /100gr
Packaging: 10kgs, 25kgs and 50kgs
Origin: Ethiopia

Long Shape White Beans
Caliber: 180-200 / 190-200
Packaging: 10kgs, 25kgs and 50kgs
Origin: Argentina, China and Egypt

WKB - caliber 260/290

WKB - caliber 250/270

WKB - caliber 320/340

WKB - caliber 200/220 - 220/240

Light Speckled Kidney Beans