We are committed to being the "Supplier of Choice" through product and service excellence. Our emphasis is on being a responsible, innovative business partner providing value-added services to our customers and suppliers worldwide.


Daisy Investments Ltd. provides professional services and expertise to local and international businesses engaged in export and import of manufactured goods and services. Founded in 1987 Daisy Investments Ltd. has supported member businesses and public sector organizations representing a wide spectrum of industries and interests.

We have set up a set of complete operational systems to perform proficiently in the import and export business; such as prospecting and sourcing, purchasing, follow-up services, quality inspection, payment control, custom clearance, freight booking, transportation logistics, investments, foreign trade consulting, etc.

At Daisy Investments Ltd., we understand the complexities of business and the ever-present challenges posed by changing market conditions. We know that to serve your local needs effectively, we must understand your business and objectives in order to anticipate developments and identify opportunities.

Our approach is to deliver effective solutions which advance the strategic interests of our clients. We do this by combining and leveraging our diverse professional capabilities and strong business acumen with a clear understanding of our client's needs and priorities. We believe, first and foremost, that our success is tied directly to the success of our clients.

Our combination of people, experience, and partnerships deliver transparency, competitive market pricing and unrivalled speed-to-market for our client's sourcing needs. From our sourcing offices worldwide we deliver unmatched sourcing services and solutions across every segment of consumer goods. We have established long-term and stable business relationships with many manufacturing enterprises and industrial corporations.

Our business scope and domain of goods and commodities is widely diverse; we have specialized departments for different commodities such as foodstuffs and agricultural goods, apparels, yarns, fabrics, textiles, garments, leather products, acrylic blankets, bed sheets and linen, chemicals, electrical appliances, household appliances, light industrial products, mechanical equipments, hardware and tools, machines, upholstery and furniture, pet food, toys, arts and crafts, daily commodities, stationeries and office supplies, medical equipments, etc…